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Our game is almost here! (Coming Soon)

Check out our gitbook!! (View It Here)

Welcome to our homepage!!

A little about MySnakes...

MySnakes is more than a manifestation of web3 MySpace. Through verified storytelling, MySnakes provides an easy way to build customizable identities and branded personas for tokens of future and existing NFT projects.

Our problems to solve

As people who utilize web3 to escape the problems traditionally found on social media, we quickly realized how important web2 socials are for making connections within this space. Link aggregators have their downfalls, and web2 verification systems are becoming compromised on a regular basis. Combined with potentially inaccessible hardware to experience aspects of web3, something needed to be done.

How can MySnakes help?

MySnakes empowers both holders and project owners with independent profiles for NFTs. The content from each profile is built off a blockchain transaction, allowing for verified content publishing from the holder. Without requiring any form of signup, only the token, MySnakes profiles can help bridge the gap between a growing community and holders who prefer to be anonymous.


Profiles are connected to the token and controlled individually by the owner’s wallet. Using the Top 8, artists can display available art, collectors are able to showcase collections, but, for anyone else, users can create profiles + personalities tied to each token! We can’t wait to see how you use these!!!

How is profile information stored?

When a profile loads, a function of our contract returns an IPFS hash of the latest profile data. All information is 100% customizable by the current token owner, and, because of this, MySnakes purchased on secondary include content created by previous owner. As always, be sure to DYOR before clicking any links, etc.

How can I make my own page?

For now, only MySnake holders can create a profile. To preview what can be customized with a MySnakes token, connect a wallet using the button at the top of this page. No Metamask required!